A Collective of Web3 Tastemakers

We are a hand-selected, NFT-gated community of web3 leaders and investors, focused on early-stage investment and advisory.

What We Do

We've curated a web3 native community by offering high-quality alpha, exclusive events, unparalleled deal-flow and research-driven investment opportunities.

Investment Funnel

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    We aggregate early-stage investment opportunities from our network of tier 1 investors, market makers and industry partners.

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    We carefully select high-quality deals for consideration and develop robust research reports for each investment.

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    We raise capital as a community on a deal-by-deal basis, and distribute tokens for self-custody, on-chain.

Application Process

All VANTA members are vetted through an application process.

Tastemakers that pass the application process will be whitelisted to mint a VANTA membership NFT on a FCFS basis.